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Friday, December 16, 2011

Block annoying advertisements while browsing with Firefox

Advertisements are becoming unavoidable part in our life.Sometimes they are harmless and beautiful but maximum of them are either offensive or boring. I think all of you know how to avoid TV advertisements but while browsing in the internet it's not so easy to avoid ads, banners, pop-ups. If you are a happy user of Firefox you may be glad to know that there are several methods that you can use to avoid unnecessary ads, banners as well as pop-ups.


In Firefox browser window, Go to Tools > Options.

Under "content"  Tab you can see some options like, "Block pop-ups", "Enable Java-script", "Load image automatically". By Default this values has been set to exactly what are we want that means firefox autometically block inevitable pop-ups in websites. You can additionally set an exceptions so that necessary sites can be granted additional rights.


However if you really want to control ads and pop-ups on the webpage you must install extensions on Firefox. Around the Web I've found some good extensions that you might like to use as a shield against advertisements, banners and pop-ups.

This extensions are easy to install and configure. So start browsing  freashly without annoying advertisements.


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