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Thursday, December 15, 2011

World's Top 20 computer mouse which you would like to have

Do you ever thought of a world without mouse? About me, I just love my little mouse (I'm talking about hardware mouse, not the rodent ☺). Personally I don't like using trackpad because I thing it's really easier to control something with your full hand not with some fingers. Though some applications can  be comfortably operated through trackpad, but this is applicable for a few. contrariwise, a mouse is a combination of speed and accuracy that suitable with each and every applications. It feels better and comfortable when you drag or select a large number of files with a mouse rather than a trackpad. Now I will show you some of the coolest mouse you have ever seen. You will really love to take a look at these :

Space Rocket Mouse :
 Some mouse might take you to another planet. so ride carefully before you get onto this.

The Car Mouse : If you just live, dream, eat cars, then this is for you.

The Hand Mouse : Not a bad idea for a mouse from Logitech.

The Gun Mouse : If you are a first person shooter fan and don't get the feel that you are actually shooting then this one's for you.

The Mouse Mouse : This is a perfect mouse i think.

3D Mouse : If you are a worker of the 3D design field, then you may recognize this mouse, but you have to admit it’s weird-looking. It’s actually called a Space Explorer mouse, which is something we would imagine a Space Explorer should be using

The Slim Mouse : The mouse is really slim mouse,so slim that you can put that on your laptop's memory card slot including the USB cable. When you in need of this just unfold it.

 Grenade Mouse : This is a real grenade mouse, use it at your own risk. (just kidding :P)

 The Cyborg Mouse : I don't know how to use it but this is the coolest mouse i've ever seen.

 The Tablet Mouse : This is probably the most unpractical mouse of them all as the tablet is too small for anything really useful, but it does look cool, and it comes in four different colors so you can match the color you have on your "Printer Keyboard".
 The Scary Mouse : If you suffer from any heart condition then don't use it.

The Microsoft Natural laser Mouse :  We hope microsoft's future oprating systems willn't be so "natural"
like this mouse.

The Porky Eye Mouse : Some people really believe that there is nothing wrong with squishing something that looks like a peg's eye to get to the link they want.  

 The Click Mouse : Simple point and click mouse .

 The Boob Mouse : I know you prefer the real stuff. But DOTA and ladies don't work out somethimes. Try this method instead. 

The Bar Code Reader Mouse : Though it's looks like a bar core reader but this feature isn't available, it's just a mouse.

Skype Phone Mouse : Excuse me, my mouse is ringing !

 The Heart Mouse : Some people really love their mouse.


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