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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enormous Collection of Screensaver of the year 2011

When a person starts his journey with a computer everything looks so new to him. But after passing a certain time he got bored looking at his desktop with default wallpapers and screensaver. Then he googles in the internet for new screensavers and wallpapers. It may seems difficult for him to find some quality stuff if he don't know where to search for them. So I've made a long list for them who are looking for some beautiful screensavers. Maximum of them are both for Windows and Mac Operating systems, Just click on the link and go the right place to download them.

Scattered Flurries:

Sunset 23:




LotsaWater :

ShuffleSaver :

DashSaver :

Econ :

SaveHollywood :

Status Screensaver :

MovingPhotos3D :

Plasma Tunnel :

LotsaGlass 2 :


Metamercury :

Filigree :

Euphoria :

Cyclone :

Hyperspace :


Solar Winds :

Flocks :


Flux :


Fireflies :

Analogy :

Word Clock :

DropClock :


Fractal Clock :

PolarClock :


X-Galaxy :

Matrix Saver :

Skyrocket :

Helios :


Phantom Butterflies :

Strands :


Ignis Fatui :

The Zoomquilt II :

Retro Flying Toasters (win, mac) :

System47 (win, mac) :

3D Desktop Cube (mac) :

Twingly (win) :

Briblo (win, mac) :

Fliqlo (win, mac) :

Holding Pattern Coach Class (win, mac) :

Uniqlock (win, mac) :

ClockBlock (win, mac) :

Fontpark 2.0 (win, mac) :

The Hal Project (win, mac) :


WOOOOOOOOW !!! nice collection.

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